Every day, thousands of users of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment enjoy the benefits of its ability to relieve and cleanse.

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Most popular lip balm in Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice award for 2014 & 2015


“My grandmother used this for everything! We all thought she was a little koo koo! It wasn't until I had my own children and a daughter with the worst nappy rash ever. I swear by this little miracle ointment and have converted people in Germany, the U.K. and now Spain.”

Michelle Seidemann

“I love this product I have used it for years on dry lips mosquito bites rashes you name it this so many uses I even use it for for my nails there's a few fakes out there but Lucas is by far the best one.”

Louise Christiansson

“This stuff is amazing, I have been using this on my feet as they were damaged by using a pedi roller and in one day the difference is incredible. Instead of bright red and weeping they are now pink and not nearly as sore. Cannot praise this stuff enough. It is expensive but it really does work, unlike many other brand name topical ointments on the market.”

Diane Buckingham

“Greatest product I have found in many years. Good for nappy rash, burns and all sorts of things. The enzymes in the Papaw are the healing agent and they work incredibly fast. My son had nappy rash very badly many years ago and used your ointment for the first time. After he had slept for 12 hours overnight(standard for him as a babe in arms) the first layer of skin had grown over. My doctor was in tears of relief, as was I, Thank-you so much for the best product ever”

Kerry Hughes

Amazing product! I have used it on dry parts of my skin (including cracked heels), that I've tried to control in all different ways including medicinal topical creams and nothing worked as quickly as Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment. I can totally recommend.

Ally McKean