Gift Pack

Gift Pack



This beautifully presented gift set includes all the available sizes of Lucas Papaw Ointment. For generations, Lucas Papaw Ointment has been the trusted Australian made topical ointment. Even today, it enjoys a celebrity cult following!

Your gift pack includes:

  • 15g tube.
  • 25g tube.
  • 75g tub.
  • 200g tub.

The complete gift pack is the ultimate present for a friend or family member. Give them the freedom of using all 4 of our sizes.

The gift pack would be the perfect present for a mother to be.

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An iconic Australian brand and Australian souvenir

Dr Thomas Lucas, a Brisbane medical practitioner and botanist, discovered the miraculous properties of papaw and his ointment formula has remained unchanged for over 100 years. The finest hand selected Australian papaws are chosen for their purity and freshness. Using a patented fermentation process and under strictly controlled conditions, the papaws are fermented. This method has been proven to deliver a potent concentration of the wondrous healing enzymes of papaw. Use this versatile ointment as an antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial topical ointment.

  • Contains no palm oil or glycerine.
  • Contains no sodium lauryl sulphate, talc or shellac.
  • Microbiologically tested.
  • Complies with Australian and international standards.
  • Approved by Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA).
  • Meets the purity and safety standards of the European Pharmacopeia and FDA (US).

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